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Take Universal Robots production to the next level

Insights monitors Universal Robots remotely—anywhere, any time, on any device!

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How Insights Helps

  • Minimize Downtime

    Get real-time alerts. If downtime occurs, remote access to your robot lets you restart production faster.

  • Monitor Production

    Define your own KPIs and track them to seek trends in your production

  • Optimize Production

    Strive for more efficient processes to maximize your production’s ROI

“Insights lets me know how the robots have been and currently are performing. This gives me the information I need to improve our processes and to keep them running smoothly.

Alex BelchManufacturing Engineer

“Whether I’m in the shop or not, Insights signals any stop immediately. I then put the robot back into production faster. Minimum downtime means higher productivity.

Tommy CaugheyWaltMachine, inc.

How Insights Works

Connect your robot online

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Security factsheet

Connect your robot to Insights

Pair your robot with Insights dashboard
Quick start guide

Start monitoring production

Wondering what sort of KPIs you can track?
Walt Machine


  • Unlimited users
  • Real-time robot overview
  • Email Reports Scheduler
  • Robot SMS Alerts
  • Performance Timeline and KPIs
  • Robot Digital I/O events
  • Downloadable Events Log
  • Remote access
  • Insights Edge Gateway

Annual fee: US$1,100 / robot

€950 / robot

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